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Dobročsky prales (The forest of Dobroč)

It belongs to the oldest protected areas in Slovakia. It is situated near the village Čierny Balog and it creates the area of 101, 82 hectares. The reason for the protection is saving of the last remains of original forests, that have been formed in our territory for thousands years. Huge firs, spruces, oaks and maples are especially significant. From animals you will find here deer, brown-bear, northern lynx, wild cat, pecan and rich group of birdlife. The most interesting bird is little owl – Eurasian pygmy owl, which grows up only to size of 10cm. In 1964 the storm broke famous “Dobročská jedľa” (The fir of Dobroč), which belonged to the hugest in Europe. It was 450-500 years old. Dobročský prales is in terms of the law on protection of the nature completely closed for public. In case of being interested in learning something more about Dobročský prales, turn upon OZ VYDRA (048/6190944,, which provides professional explanation while walking on excursional path around the forest.